per-spec-tive      [per-spek-tiv] –noun
  1. the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship
  2. the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship
  3. the state of existing in space before the eye
  4. a mental view or prospect
  5. a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface
  6. a visible scene, esp. one extending to a distance; vista
  7. a picture employing this technique, esp. one in which it is prominent
  8. of or pertaining to the art of perspective, or represented according to its laws
[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < ML perspectīva (ars) optical (science), perspectīvum optical glass, n. uses of fem. and neut. of perspectīvus optical, equiv. to L perspect-, ptp. s. of perspicere to look at closely ]
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Feedback from previous workshops
Bhilai, India Bhilai, India Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois
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Bhilai, India

Participants’ likelihood of applying the tools learned in the workshop:

  • 30% began creating a plan of action during the workshop
  • 30% committed to begin applying the learning the same day
  • 30% planned to employ the techniques the next day at work
  • 10% expected to make use of the tools at the next opportunity

- from the October workshop in Bhilai, India

Feedback from the team of General Managers and other executives at Steel Authority of India:

  • “This workshop objectively shows how removing stress at work will improve productivity. I can now generate an atmosphere at work that facilitates fearless flow of information.”
  •  “This workshop opened my eyes to the importance of taking charge of my actions. Happiness can be achieved and a stress-free life attained!”
  • “This is a unique workshop. Understanding the functioning of our mind and its filters has helped me improve my performance.”
  • “My attitude toward my accountability at work has begun to change already.”
  • “Now I can take accountability for myself and stop grumbling about the environment.”
  • “I can capture the power to influence others by better understanding myself.”
  • “I will actively work on removing unhealthy beliefs and develop a positive attitude toward work.”
  • “This will significantly improve my decision making abilities.”
  • “I now believe that it’s really possible to live a stress-free life.”
  • “Excellent workshop. I now have some tools to improve myself and motivate my organization for better performance.”
  • “An eye-opener. Will improve my interpersonal relationships.”
  • “I expect behavior change immediately.”
  •  “I will devote more time to myself and tap my potential to the fullest. I am capable of much more.”
  • “This training should be mandatory for all senior managers.”
  •  “I would like to take this workshop again in 3 months.”
  •  “This workshop has been the most educative I’ve attended in a long time.”
  •  “Self awareness can be a powerful tool.”

Naperville, IL

  • “This is the best workshop I’ve attended to improve my skills as a professional counselor.”
  • “Amazing depth of understanding to improve my ability to work with others.”
  • “I learned that we have more choices than we think we do. What we think is “thinking” may indeed be reacting, in which we use the primitive part of our brains. I can counsel my clients better with this understanding.”

  - from the September workshop in Naperville, Illinois, U.S.A.